Birdz Eyewear Phoenix Motorcycle sunglasses goggles Prescription

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Birdz Eyewear The Phoenix. This is Rx-able! These are Interchangeable from goggles to sunglasses! 3 sets of lenses also included! Interchangeable goggles/sunglasses with 3 sets of lenses! *Shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses. *Three Lenses: DAY (SMOKE MIRRORED), OVERCAST OR DUSK (YELLOW), NIGHT (CLEAR) *Optional Prescription Lens Insert (frame) available that you can take to your own eye doctor- see below. *100% UV PROTECTION, ANTI-FOG COATING on ALL lenses (some manufacturers out there say their lenses are Anti-Fog, but only one set has the coating- ALL three sets of ours have the anti-fog coating! *Inside of the frame is foam covered for comfort and durability. *Comes with sunglass arms and an adjustable strap to wear either as glasses or goggles! *Our Birdz belt case also included to keep them in. *Very easy to change lenses, single lens pieces!